1. Stop putting in effort.
This is what usually happens when you get too comfortable with someone – you simply stop trying. You stop complimenting them and treating them like they’re someone special. You stop putting time and thought into birthdays, anniversaries, and romantic dates. You stop trying to impress them or make them feel good or show that you love them. Relationships take work, so even if just one person stops trying it will inevitably crash and burn.
2. Take shots at each other.
Have you ever watched House Hunters, or Love It or List It, or any other HGTV show that combines real estate and married couples? Because a lot of the time those couples are brutal to each other, but if you don’t really pay attention you’ll miss it. They take the worst digs at one another but since they’re laughing, observers take it as a harmless joke. They might tease how one settled for the other, or how they should’ve married rich, or one’s incapability to finish anything. They’re always belittling each other or insulting each other in a form of a joke. Taking shots at each other is a horrible thing to do in any form of a relationship. But you should never humiliate your significant other, whether it’s only the two of you or in front of people, just to put them down.
3. Lose your sense of self. 
In so many relationships, people lose who they are. They pick up their significant other’s tastes, hobbies, interests, style, everything. It’s great to be able to share what you love with someone you love, but it’s another thing to forget who you are as an individual. If you feel completely at a loss without the other, you’re in trouble. No matter how in love you may be with a person, you should still always have yourself and cherish your independence.
4. Cheat. 
Um, no explanation. This should be pretty obvious.
5. Forget about your friends.
We’ve all been there. You meet someone new and you enter the puppy love stage where you always want to see them, talk to them, or be talking about them. You forget about all of your other priorities and responsibilities because you’re so caught up with this one person. But you should never, ever forget about your friends. Your friends were there first. They stood by your side longer than this person, and there’s a good chance they’ll still be by your side long after they are gone. Always make time for the other important people in your life. Don’t be that person who breaks up with their boyfriend and then is suddenly always around. There should be a balance.
6. Compare them.
Even if you’ve been in relationships before, been in love before, fucked tons of people before, you should never compare the person right in front of you with anyone else. Don’t compare your girlfriend to some hot girl at the bar, or your boyfriend to the jacked guy at the gym. No one likes to feel like they’re in competition with someone they don’t even know. You’ll do nothing but make them feel bad about themselves and then they will resent you for it.
7. Forget about them.
We all get sidetracked, we all have friends and family we make time for, we all have jobs that demand our attention. We may be out at the bar with our significant other but spend majority of the time talking to other people. We might be out somewhere and forget to answer their text. But nothing hurts more in a relationship than being forgotten about, and worse, ignored. Don’t be completely unaware of their presence. It’ll only make them that much more touchy when it comes to you talking to other people. If you care about them, you shouldn’t be forgetting that they’re there.


If someone doesn’t enhance your life and add to your joy, then what purpose do they serve in your life? Bottom line: if your partner drags you down and makes you feel crappy about yourself and life, then it’s time to call quits on the relationship. You need someone who will match your vibration and bring vibrant energy into your life, not someone who leeches the energy from your life. Of course he or she won’t always feel completely blissful, but if they can’t seem to find happiness on their own or offer it to you at all, then let them go…they need to focus on inner healing, not a relationship.


Do you enjoy the company of your partner; do you laugh, play, act like kids, and try new things together? A relationship always comes with disagreements from time to time, but even after a long time of being together, you still should be able to do activities that bring out the inner child in both of you. You should never give up fun in a relationship – without fun, life can become pretty mundane, and it will only cause tension if you remain with someone who can’t relax and let loose every once in a while.


An ideal partnership consists of two people on the same mission, supporting each other every step of the way. Or, just two people who have different dreams, but still encourage and cheer each other on. If you don’t have someone on the same path as you, or even someone who has your back, don’t hesitate to leave the relationship. What you want out of life makes up a large portion of who you are, and you don’t need someone who dismisses
Life is about having new experiences often, so if your partner is unwilling to try new things and holds you back from going on your own adventures, you probably won’t find long-term happiness with this person. Your partner should actually encourage you to take risks so you can grow as a person, so it should be a red flag if he or she tries to inhibit your free spirit.

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