10 March 2018


Are you wondering if you might be
pregnant? The only way to know for sure is
by taking a pregnancy test.
bodyaroma.blogspot.com rounded up some of the most
common pregnancy symptoms to see if it’s
time to pee on that stick.

1. Tender breasts - Tingling in your breasts
is one of the most common symptoms of
pregnancy. Breasts may become very
tender and sensitive because they are
preparing to produce milk.
2. Areolas become darker - Those circles
around your nipples can widen and
become darker during pregnancy. This
happens because your body is preparing
for breastfeeding.

3. Spotting - In the very beginning of their
pregnancy, some women notice very light
bleeding, similar to what they have at
the very beginning or end of the
4. Frequent urination - When you're
pregnant, your uterus is pressing on the
bladder, hence, the need to visit the
bathroom more frequently than you're
used to. The bigger the baby, the more
pressure it applies.
5. Fatigue - A lot of girls feel tired during
the early stages of pregnancy.
6. Nausea - Unfortunately, this is one of
the most common 'side effects' of
pregnancy most likely caused by
pregnancy hormones. 80% of women
experience morning sickness during the
first three months of pregnancy.
7. Increased sense of smell - A lot of
women develop a heightened sense of
smell during the pregnancy.
8. Missing periods - Though it may seem
that a missing period is a serious enough
indicator, it's better to get tested and
know for sure if the baby's on the way.

Carrying a child is a hard task demanding
about 300 extra calories' intake a day.
Some girls would start eating foods they
have never thought if trying before,
while others just feel hungry all day long.
10. Mood swings - Due to hormonal
adjustment and overall changes in your
body, you will experience extreme or
rapid change in mood.

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