07 March 2018


cheating is bad
There is no heart in cheating. It is a very selfish and very heartless act. I've seen people make up every excuse in the world for cheating.
"My spouse doesn't fulfill my needs."
"I've fallen in love but I can't leave my kids."
"He/she understands me better than anyone else."
"I never meant to do it. It just happened."
"My wife is terminally ill." (This was an actual situation on bodyaroma.blogspot.com I was asked to answer.)
"My partner and I are in a loveless, sexless marriage."
"Its just not that simple to leave."
Of course not. It is far more simplistic for these people to destroy the lives of others than inconveniencing themselves.
Its such a cop out for some to say "I don't judge others."
People stating they don't "judge" others doesn't mean they choose to take the high road. Not at all.
It means they cosign with the bullshit. They're comfortable with dishonor in others because there is no room for honor in their hearts either.
They see nothing wrong with inflicting emotional pain and scarring on the men and women who have selflessly given them love, patience and understanding they never deserved.
Here's the deal. If things are that bad, its best to just go ahead and leave. Why stay with someone you're unhappy with? Control.
I shake my head at people who cheat and have the nerve to say they love their partners. How can you love anyone knowing you're playing Russian roulette with their lives?
How can you look someone in the face knowing you may be infecting them with a disease that could kill them?
That's the epitome of sociopathic behavior but I'll get to that in a minute.
These people have no clue what love, honor or loyalty is. Not even a bit of comprehension.
If it were possible to dole out dishonorable discharges for going AWOL from social responsibility, they'd be on the front line.
To unconditionally love and honor another human being takes an immeasurable amount of heart.
Cheating is uprooted in self hatred, misery, disloyalty and cruelty. Cheaters KNOW what they're doing regardless of the circumstances.
Some even enjoy the sneaking around and the power they have over not only the idiotic side pieces but their spouses/partners as well.
The lies they tell. The love they withhold.
Its about having complete control over others, so weakened by fear and desperation, they buy into their own illusion.
Side pieces create a fantasy in their heads they need people to co-sign to so that they don't feel so low.
They NEED others to tell them is perfectly fine to have another's spouse/partner so they can avoid facing reality.
At least on the surface. They are fully aware their actions are dead wrong. They simply don't care. Find the "heart" in that.
The only persistent voice they cannot escape is within their subconscious. Its always present--making them aware of how low they are.
They are reckless, merciless and self destructive.
In the late of night, when they're home alone throwing a pity party, the subconscious reminds them they have no honor.
Their minds are darker than a moonless sky.
They don't care who they hurt--spouses/partners, kids, extended family--it doesn't matter.
As long as they get what they want, nothing else matters.
I wouldn't go as far as labeling them as psychopaths. Some are, some aren't. Some definitely are narcissistic or have narcissistic tendencies.
Others are so useless and pathetic, devoid of self-respect, self-esteem or emotional strength.
I'm aware I've pissed off a LOT of cheaters on and off this site but they'll have to wait until Nixon is resurrected and put back in the oval office before I'll care or apologize.
I have no empathy for people who deliberately choose to hurt others--especially children.

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